summer time

My mom has been busy making donuts this summer. The family got together after a morning soccer game, for lunch. The kids ate so many donuts that there wasn't room for anything else.
Watermelon is a favourite summer treat.
This is Rowan enjoying his birthday cupcake.

Chasing bubbles.

my bad...

OK, so I'm not the world's most reliable blogger. Let's see...

In June I went on several outings with the grade one/two class where I volunteered all year (we went to see a play, we went to Happy Rolph's (a local petting zoo) and we went to Marineland). I finished the spring course I was taking. I celebrated a birthday. I had a chance to relax a little. Several relatives from Paraguay came to visit. My nephew turned one. I got a pedicure. I wrote an exam. I babysat.

In July I went out for coffee with a friend. I went to a movie with my sister. I started a summer course called Earth Sciences (learning about types of rocks and minerals, volcanos and earthquakes). I babysat. I went to a movie with my brother. I started tutoring 2 grade one students. I got new lenses for my glasses (and they're expensive). I house sat for a friend of mine (and I think I killed her plants).

Right now I should be doing homework, so I'm gonna sign off.
Chau for now.