no-in! no-in!

I can't believe that winter is already here. Two days ago we had our first real snow fall that stayed on the ground. My nephew was over yesterday and kept saying "no-in! no-in!" (snowing! snowing!). My Mom played outside with him - they built a "no-man" and went "ki-in" (skiing) and he even tried to pull Mom on the sled. He had a blast and did NOT want to come in. He is just in awe of the snow and can't wait for more (unlike me - shoveling sidewalks and driveways and scraping the car are not high on my list of fun things).

afternoon scrabble

Ok the game is on... Afternoon Scrabble - Keep it going!!!
Change one letter of the bottom word posted and let's see who gets stuck and can't continue!

You cannot add letters.
You cannot use foreign languages.
You cannot rearrange letters.
You can only replace one letter.

Send it back to the person that sent it to you, plus 10 new people.
Add your entry to the bottom after you hit Forward, or to be neater please Copy and Paste!???

To make it even more interesting, let's add what city and state we are from & the date to see how far this goes and how long it's been out...


Bray -Marion Herts.UK 18/Aug/08
Tray - Jenny, Essex UK 18/08/08
Tram - Marian, Essex UK 18/08/08
Trap [Wendy Pike] 18/8/08
Trip Fiona Baxter, Essex 19/08/08
Grip - Cheryl Hadley, Essex , UK 20/08/08
Grid - Chris Baker, Scotland 20/08/08
Grin - Lyn Wood , Barbados 21.08.08
Gran - John Coombes - England 21.08.08
Bran - Wendy Morris, Kent, 24.8.08
Brat - Peter, England 26.08.08
Rant- Val Parker England 27.08.08
Pant - Janet Gilboy, South Australia 27/8/08
Pint - Adriana White, Hervey Bay Queensland Australia
Punt _ Issy Major Craignish Qld. Australia
Puny - Maureen Tarrant - Pt Elliot South Australia 29/08/08
Punk - Derek Napier - Goolwa Beach South Austraila 01/09/08
Pink - Shirley Everson - Canterbury UK
Sink - Helen Foad Herne Bay Kent
Link - Sue Sullivan Herne Bay Kent . 2 Sept 08
Line - Denise Helvin Essex 2 September 08
Lint - Sam Nash Walton-on-the-Naze, Essex 02/09/08
Tint - Kathie Hazelwood - Orpington , Kent 03/09/08
Tent - Jocelyn Mayes - Seve noaks , Kent 3/9/08
Rent - Laura Baker - Fairseat , Kent 3/9/08
Dent - Gina Turner - Bromley Kent 3/9/08
Bent - Paula Sams - West Wickham , Kent 3/9/08
Sent - Alison Randall - Borough Green, Kent 6/9/08
Went - Joanne Fenlon - Southport UK - 06/09/08
Want - Christa Beyer-Kay Southport UK - 06/09/08
Wart - Georgia -Lee , South Grafton AU -07/09/08
Fart - Susan Elizabeth South Grafton AU -07/09/2008
Cart- Charm Lawrence Brisbane Au- 08/09/2008
Tart - Angela Clark Maryborough AU - 08/09/2008
Dart - Faye Clark Brisbane Qld Australia 08/09/08
Dirt - Melissa Skehan Brisbane Qld Australia 8/09/09
Girt - (by sea) Annie Brisbane Qld Aust 09/09/08
Gift - Rob Nielsen Brisbane Qld Aust 09/09/08
Rift - Peter Bassett Brisbane Qld Aust 09/09/08
Rife - Elaine Scott Brisbane Qld Aust 09/09/08
Life - Kaye Best Qld Aust 10/9/08
Wife- Margret McGregor WA Aust 11/9/08
wins - jamie
pins - Danny
pint - Robbie
pant - Natalie
want - Susie
Waif - Tonya Boon WA Aust 13/09/08
Wait - Julie Hussey WA Aust 13/9/08
Bait - Bobbie Hall WA Aust 13/09/08
Gait - Janet Skillin, Glasgow, Scotland 15/09/08
Gain - Morag Williams, Coulsdon, Surrey 15/09/08
Pain - Dominie Carr, Woodmansterne, Surrey 16/9/08
Vain- Roger Beard, Carshalton Surrey 16/09/2008
Rain - Maureen Gallagher, Worcester Park, Surrey 17/9/08
Raid=2 0- Cathy White, Mitcham, Surrey, 18/9/0
Paid- Jean dodd wimbledon London 24/09/08
Laid - Caroline Jones, Carshalton, Surrey 25/09/08
Maid - Jo Jones, Carshalton, Surrey 26/09/08
Said - sue Cornish, Sutton , Surrey 26/09/08
Sand - Lynn Sanders, Wallington Surrey 26/9/08
Hand - Helena Hawkins, Bracknell, Berkshire. 27/09/08
Hang - Bobbie Doran, Caversham, Berks 30.9.08
Hung - Claire Hurst, Caversham, Berks 1.10.08
Lung - Sue Potts, Sandhurst, Berks 1.10.08
Rung - Nicky Hadley Berkshire 1.10.08
Bung- Bev Reith Durban South Africa.
Sung - Delia Grobler Durban South Africa
Song - Rob Seager Durban S. Africa
Sing - Des Seager Durban S Africa
King - Tracy Botha Dbn SA
Ring - Sandra Munro Dbn SA
Ting - Pat Bennett Epsom surrey UK 2.10.08
Wing - Maxine Haddock Dbn S. Africa 2.10.08
Ping - Christine Young Brisbane Australia 3/10/08
Pong - Jan Billett, Gold Coast, Australia 3/10/08
Gong - Lindy Hedley, Gold Coast, Qld, Australia 06/10/08
Gone Mike Hedley, Gold Coast, QLD, Australia 06/10/08
Done - Ted Hanson Wollongong NSW Australia 07/10/2008
Tone - Joanne Dreizi Wollongong NSW Aurstralia 08/10/2008
Cone Izabela Romancewicz Wollongong NSW Australia 09/10/08
Zone Meryl Bryan Wollongong NSW Australia 08/10/08 (only 8th today Izzy J)
Bone - Joseph McCue Caringbah Sydney NSW Australia 08/10/08
Bonk - Francis Burdock Wollongong NSW 09/10/2008
Monk Shirley Gardner, Peterborough, Cambs 09/10/08
Honk - Junie
hook - Randy
Nook - Michaela Brown, Peterborough, Cambs 09/10/08
Took- Tracey Tilbury, Peterborough, England, 9/10/08
Look -Michelle Thackeray, Egham, Surrey, 9/10/08
Book - Lesley Morris, Shepperton, Middx 9/10/08
Cook - Connie Lewis, Houston, Texas 9/10/08
Cool - Mary Holmes, Katy, Texas 9/10/08
Pool - Inge Fullerton, Bermuda Dunes, California 10/9/08
Fool - VS Balich, Oregon 10/12/08
Food - Dianne, Chicago IL 10/12/08
Good - Mary, St. Clair Shores, MI 10/13/08
Gold-Lynda, Washington, MI 10/13/08
Sold - Judy, Warren, MI 10/14/08
Mold-Sheryl, Howell, MI 10/14/08
Meld- sharon, Lake Orion, Mi. 10/17/08
Held- Pauline Lake Orion Michigan
Help-Pat, Kingsland,Georgia
Hell â Jen, Plano, Texas
Hill -Jacqui Scottsville, Kentucky10/17/08
Hall - Jacqui Blacklake, NM 10/18/08
Tale - Sue- Reynoldsburg, Ohio - 10-19-2008
Male - Melinda - Reynoldsburg, Ohio 10/19/08
Sale-Dustin-Reynoldsburg, Ohio 10-20-08
Safe - Vicky - Portsmouth, Ohio 10-19-08
Sage-Kathy-Wheelersburg,Ohio 10-20-08
Cage~Crystal~Columbus, OH 10-20-08
Cafe - Bill - Carrollton Kentucky 10-20-08
Care - Karen - Otway, Ohio 10-20-08
Card - Mary - South Shore, KY 10-22-08
Carp- Mary Ann- Portsmouth, OH 10-23-08
CART-Pat S.-Minford, Ohio 10-23-08
Dart- Sharon- Minford, Oh 10-23-08
Fart~Mary ~ Spring, TX 10-23-08
Farm - Susan - Orlando, FL 10-23-08
Harm – Cecelia – Bermuda Dunes, CA, 10/23/08
Harp - Rene - Palm Desert, CA 10/23/08
Tarp - Dawn - La Quinta, CA 10/23/08
Tamp – Sandy – Palm Desert CA 10/24/08
Vamp – Robert – Palm Springs, CA 10/24/08
Camp – Bill – Palm Springs, Ca 10/24/08
Comp - Sid - Grover Beach, CA 10/24/08
Come - Andre' - Au Sable Forks, NY 10/26/08
Home - Lisa - Tampa, FL 10/26/2008
Hope - Louise - Leatherhead, England 27.10.08
Lope - Margaret - Reading, England 27.10.08.
Love - Jayne - Prestatyn, North Wales 27.10.08
Live - Louise - Prestatyn, North Wales 27.10.08
Line – Sharon Prestatyn, North Wales
Lime - Ceri, Prestatyn, North Wales 27.10.08
Time - Sue, Dyserth, North Wales, 27.10.08
Tome - Gail, Rhuallt, North Wales,UK 27.10.08
Rome - Carry - Yorkshire - UK 28/10/08
home - sue - worcestershire - UK 28/10/08
hole - Keith, Teesside, N.E. England
Sole - Ann, British Columbia, Canada
Bole - Carole Suffolk UK
Bold – Liz, Bournemouth, Dorset 03.11.2008
Bolt - Liz, Poole, Dorset 04-11-08
Boot – Angie, Poole, Dorset. 04-11-2008
Foot - Moira, Chorley, Lancashire 07-11-2008
Fool - Anne, Hoechstadt, Germany 07-11-2008
Foal- Rickie,Bradford,W.Yorks 10.11.08
Goal- Helen,Northumberland,10.11.08
Goad – Lynn, Ontario, Canada 10-11-08
goat- Margaret Anne, Ont. Canada 10-11-08
boat-Marie Pearson,Ont. Canada 12-11-08
coat - Kat, ON Canada 12.11.08
moat Maria ON Canada
moan-Nancy, ON, Canada 13.11.08
mean - Lisa, ON Canada 14.11.08
meal - Joyce, ON Canada 14.11.08
meat - Deb, ON Canada 16.11.08
seat – Louise, ON Canada
seal - Wendy, ON Canada
teal- Lynn, ON Canada
tear-Maureen, ON Canada
pear-Libby, ON,Canada
bear – Fiona, Ingersoll ON Canada
beat – Sherry, St. Catharines, ON Canada
boat – Judy, Ontario, Canada
boot - john, Ontario, Canada 17 nov 08
foot - joan, Ontario, Canada 18 nov 08
food - Joel, Ontario, Canada 18 nov 08
fold - Joon, Ontario, Canada 18 nov 08
told - Jenn, Ontario, Canada 18 nov 08
toad- Christine, Hamilton, ON, Canada
road - James, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada, 11/19/08
read - Mary, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada, 11/19/08
bead - Ed, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada, 11/19/08
bean - Shellie, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada, 11/19/08
been - Jake, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada, 11/19/08
seen - Abe, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada, 11/19/08
seed - Agnes, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada, 11/19/08
weed - Carolynn, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada, 11/19/08

kidsway projects

This year our KidsWay Program is doing a couple of projects. Right now we are collecting groceries which we will donate to Community Care in St. Catharines. So far we have brought in quite a bit and every little bit helps.

Our next project will be to raise money to buy animals for families sponsored by World Vision. We are trying to raise enough for hens & roosters and/or goats. Lets see how much we can raise.

For anyone else interested in this kind of opportunity, here is a link to World Vision's website.


I can't believe how gorgeous this fall has been. We've had great weather and now we have beautiful colours. Now it has gotten cool enough that we run our furnace during the day (but it is almost November already). Going for a walk or a drive is a lovely thing as you see the leaves changing colours and displaying their glory. Yup, I love the breathtaking beauty of fall.

spreading the stupidity

Only in North America drugstores make the sick walk all the way to the back of the store to get their prescriptions while healthy people can buy cigarettes at the front. people order double cheeseburgers, large fries, and a diet coke. banks leave both doors open and then chain the pens to the counters. we leave cars worth thousands of dollars in the driveway and put our useless junk in the garage. we buy hot dogs in packages of twelve and buns in packages of eight. they have drive-up ATM machines with Braille lettering.


Why the sun lightens our hair, but darkens our skin ?

Why women can't put on mascara with their mouth closed?

Why you never see the headline 'Psychic Wins Lottery'?

Why 'abbreviated' such a long word?

Why is it that doctors call what they do 'practice'?

Why is lemon juice made with artificial flavor, and dishwashing liquid made with real lemons?

Why is the man who invests all your money called a broker?

Why is the time of day with the slowest traffic called rush hour?

Why isn't there mouse-flavored cat food?

Why Noah didn't swat those two mosquitoes?

Why do they sterilize the needle for lethal injections?

You know that indestructible black box that is used on airplanes? Why don't they make the whole plane out of that stuff?!

Why don't sheep shrink when it rains?

Why are they called apartments when they are all stuck together?

If flying is so safe, why do they call the airport the terminal?

Now that you've smiled at least once, it's your turn to spread the stupidity and send this to someone you want to bring a smile to (may be even a chuckle) other words, send it to everyone. We all need to smile every once in a while.

2 actual posts in one month - wow!

I'm quite impressed with myself - 2 posts in one month (quite a feat, eh?).

So, our family got together for Thanksgiving on Monday. I helped mom in the kitchen throughout the day and was so happy to be done and off my feet, it didn't even dawn on me that my sister-in-law wasn't taking pictures and I wasn't taking pictures. So, now what am I going to use to scrapbook with? I'll probably cheat and use other photos of family and some fall pics, but I'm kicking myself that I didn't take any at the meal. What kind of scrapbooker forgets to take pictures?

Anyhow, our family has also started a new tradition (which my nieces won't let us forget) - we sing "Praise God from Whom all Blessings Flow" instead of saying grace at mealtimes when we are all together. Both my nieces (ages 5 3/4 and 4) sing along too. It sounds pretty good as we can get 4 part harmony when we are all there. However on Tuesday that was not the case - there was my dad (who sings bass), my nieces, my nephew and me - that's it. I'm not a soprano, but had to sing the melody - quite a foreign concept for me these days. Anyhow, we managed, but it felt weird.

Some one told me to make a list of what I am thankful for so here is a good start:
Mom, Dad, Wes & Briar, Kaityn, Berlin, Rowan, Sabrina, Gary, Oma W, Jim & Tina, Dan, Lee & Marion, Dennis & Mardi, Karen, Nancy, Lisa, Frank & Vittoria, Harry & Jolene, Lory McMullen, Dave & Mikol, Renee... the list can go on for quite a while so I'll stop here before it becomes so extensive that someone will feel insulted if I leave them out. But, well, I hope the point is made, the things I am thankful for are the people that God has put in my life and the relationships I have with them.

Until next time...

a bit of local flavour

James Street Night of Art

Oct 17th @ 7:00 PM

Come out and enjoy the 3rd annual event from 7-10pm. Held on James Street between King Street and St. Paul Street. The street and sidewalks will fill with visual art, media art, dance, music and theatre in participating stores.

national do not call list

Hey there,

If you hate telemarketers interrupting your dinner as much as I do, take literally less than 180 seconds and register your phone number on Canada's National Do Not Call List. Apparently, it went active on September 30, and the sooner you register the sooner you can eliminate those annoying phone calls...

time flying by... again

So, I love to read other people's posts, but consistently don't take the time to update my own blog. Shame on me! So, here goes (sorta)...
I can't believe Thanksgiving weekend is already here! It's absolutely crazy how the time goes by so quickly. I have no classes on Thursdays, so I am volunteering on Thursday mornings at a local school in a Grade 1 & 2 class. I have volunteered with this teacher for 2 years already and I think we get along really well and she has been an amazing resource. I also LOVE working with the kids in her class - they keep me sane and give me hope. I often get discouraged in my classes because they are very much theory based. We learn all about how the brain works, how children develop, and what makes them tick, but we never actually see or do anything in real life with real kids. That is one of the most discouraging and disheartening things about university classes. But being able to spend time in a classroom totally re-energizes me.
Anyhow, there is so much more to say, but it's already past midnight and I need to get up early (I'm about as much of a morning person as a bear is during winter-hibernation). So I'll go for now, and hopefully you'll get another update (or at least another post) soon.

feeling left behind

So, today I had to say goodbye to a good friend of mine. He is headed to school in Toronto for the next few years. Now, some of you may be thinking "Toronto isn't so far away from St. Catharines" - and you're right, it isn't. However, circumstances being what they are, travelling to or from Toronto is not going to happen as often as I would like. So we spent the evening talking and watching an old movie (Charade with Grant Carey and Audrey Hepburn). It was a nice evening, but now he's gone and I am sad. I guess that's my biggest objection to summer being over - there are so many changes to my life that I have no control over. Friends I have made over the past few years have graduated and are moving on. This is a good thing and I am very happy for them, but it means a change in the way we interact with each other (or at least how often we can get together). Like always, it seems just when I get used to being around certain people and develop friendships and trust people, something happens to change the dynamic of our relationship. For me, that is a really hard thing to deal with. I have some fairly major trust issues to begin with,and then to have to feel like I have to start fresh again just throws me for a loop. I HATE that!!! So right now I'm typing, rambling and crying because it feels like I'm being left behind as my friends are moving on to other stages in life. Yeah, if you asked me "How are you?" right now, I'd say "not good". Thanks for reading and putting up with my rant.

where did the summer go?

Where did the summer go? I can't believe that school starts again next week! I thought I would have more time for things (like writing on my blog), but it turns out that life has been extremely busy and I haven't written nearly as much as I wanted to. That being said, life has been busy but fairly good. I've been tutoring several children this summer and that has been encouraging. It has renewed my desire to finish my program at Brock and to continue my dream of becoming a teacher. I have also been a bit of a homebody - gardening, laundry, bookkeeping - but that's ok. I was in desperate need of some "down time" and I think this did the trick. I have still been dealing with many headaches and migraines, but I'm not sure that there is anything that can be done that hasn't been tried (medications, massages, acupuncture, chiropractic treatments, new lenses). So that is gonna be tough this year at school and I hope I can handle it. Na ja, this is all I have time for right now. I would say I'll be on again soon, but at this point I can't guarantee that. So I'll be back - sometime.

summer is here!

According to the calendar, summer is officially here. The weather seems to have trouble making up it's mind - we've had quite a few freak storms (thunder & lightning, tornado warnings, hail). However, the weather doesn't dicate the schedule - the spring semester is done, my niece graduated from preschool, my other niece is graduating from SK, the soccer season has started and a good friend of mine has graduated from university. It is amazing to think that this year is half over! The time really seems to fly. Let's see, what else has happened...
*a good friend recently celebrated her Ist wedding anniversary
*my brother & sister-in-law celebrated their 9th anniversary
*a good friend turned 25 and travelled in Europe
*my sister purchased and moved into her very own house
*my parents celebrated their 35th anniversary
*I had another birthday
*the Strawberry festival is happening today in Niagara-on-the-Lake
*my nephew will be turning 2 next weekend
Yup, lots of stuff happening here and it doesn't look like it will slow down any time soon.

I score a 38

Human resource department
This is a real test given by the human relations department at many of the major corporations today.

It's only ten simple questions, so... Grab a pencil and paper and keep track of your answers.

1. When do you feel your best?

a. In the morning
b. During the afternoon and early evening
c. Late at night

2. You usually walk

a. Fairly fast, with long steps
b. Fairly fast, with short, quick steps
c. Less fast, head up, looking the world in the face
d. Less fast, head down
e. Very slowly

3. When talking to people you

a. Stand with your arms folded
b. Have your hands clasped
c. Have one or both your hands on your hips
d. Touch or push the person to whom you are talking
e. Play with your ear, touch your chin, or smooth your hair

4. When relaxing, you sit with

a. Your knees bent with your legs neatly side by side
b. Your legs crossed
c. Your legs stretched out or straight
d. One leg curled under you

5. When something really amuses you, you react with

a. A big, appreciative laugh
b. A laugh, but not a loud one
c. A quiet chuckle
d. A sheepish smile

6. When you go to a party or social gathering you

a. Make a loud entrance so everyone notices you
b. Make a quiet entrance, looking around for someone you know
c. Make the quietest entrance, trying to stay unnoticed

7. You're working very hard, concentrating hard, and you're interrupted. Do you..

a. Welcome the break
b. Feel extremely irritated
c. Vary between these two extremes

8. Which of the following colors do you like most?

a. Red or orange
b. Black
c. Yellow or light blue
d. Green
e. Dark blue or purple
f. White
g. Brown or gray

9. When you are in bed at night, in those last few moments before going to sleep, you lie

a. Stretched out on your back
b. Stretched out face down on your stomach
c. On your side, slightly curled
d. With your head on one arm
e. With your head under the covers

10. You often dream that you are

a. Falling
b. Fighting or struggling
c. Searching for something or somebody
d. Flying or floating
e. You usually have dreamless sleep
f. Your dreams are always pleasant

1. a. 2 b. 4 c. 6
2. a. 6 b. 4 c. 7 d. 2 e. 1
3. a. 4 b. 2 c. 5 d. 7 e. 6
4. a. 4 b. 6 c. 2 d. 1
5. a. 6 b. 4 c. 3 d. 5 e. 2
6. a. 6 b. 4 c. 2
7. a. 6 b. 2 c. 4
8. a. 6 b. 7 c. 5 d. 4 e. 3 f. 2 g. 1
9. a. 7 b. 6 c. 4 d. 2 e. 1
10. a. 4 b. 2 c. 3 d. 5 e. 6 f. 1

Now add up the total number of points.

Over 60 points: Others see you as someone they should "handle with care" You're seen as vain, self-centered, and who is extremely dominant. Others may admire you, wishing they could be more like you, but don't always trust you, hesitating to become too deeply involved with you.

51 to 60 points: Others see you as an exciting, highly volatile, rather impulsive personality; a natural leader, who's quick to make decisions, though not always the right ones. They see you as bold and adventuresome, someone who will try anything once; someone who takes chances and enjoys an adventure. They enjoy being in your company because of the excitement you radiate.

41 to 50 points: Others see you as fresh, lively, charming, amusing, practical, and always interesting; someone who's constantly in the center of attention, but sufficiently well-balanced not to let it go to their head. They also see you as kind, considerate, and understanding; someone who'll always cheer them up and help them out.

31 to 40 points: Others see you as sensible, cautious, careful and practical. They see you as clever, gifted, or talented, but modest...Not a person who makes friends too quickly or easily, but someone who's extremely loyal to friends you do make and who expect the same loyalty in return. Those who really get to know you realize it takes a lot to shake your trust in your friends, but equally that it takes you a long time to get over it if that trust is ever broken.

21 to 30 points: Your friends see you as painstaking and fussy. They see you as very cautious, extremely careful, a slow and steady plodder. It would really surprise them if you ever did something impulsively or on the spur of the moment, expecting you to examine everything carefully from every angle and then, usually decide against it. They think this reaction is caused partly by your careful nature.

Under 21 points: People think you are shy, nervous, and indecisive, someone who needs looking after, who always wants someone else to make the decisions and who doesn't want to get involved with anyone or anything. They see you as a worrier who always sees problems that don't exist. Some people think you're boring. Only those who know you well know that you aren't.

single and lovin' it... most of the time

So, yeah, I guess I'm a bit jealous of my friends who are married, married with kid(s), getting married, or having babies. Yup, it seems that there's a lot of that going around. Friends at church, friends at school, friends out West (yup, Cory & Lisa and Joe & JoLane are expecting and Andrew is getting hitched)... and the list could go on. I am currently single. As much as I enjoy my 'singleness', I am not where I thought I'd be in life. I am single, in my 30s, a university student and living at home with my parents to make ends meet. I had always planned that I would be married with children and have a job I enjoy (or at least be in a relationship and living on my own) by the time I was 30. Most of the time I am satisfied with the way my life is right now, but there are days (like today) where I just feel frustrated that I don't know exactly when (or if) I'll get married and have a family. Anyhow, thanks for reading my 'vent'.

Have you ever...?

(X) Gone on a blind date
(X) Skipped school
(X) Watched someone die
(X) Been to Canada

(X) Been to Mexico
(X ) Been to Florida
(X) Been on a plane
( ) Been on the wrong plane
(X) Been lost
(X) Been on the opposite side of the country
(X) Gone to Washington, DC
(X) Swam in the ocean
(X) Cried yourself to sleep
(X) Played cops and robbers
(X) Recently colored with crayons

( ) Sang Karaoke
(X) Paid for a meal with coins only

(X) Done something you told yourself you wouldn't?
(X) Made prank phone calls
(X) Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose
(X) Caught a snowflake on your tongue
(X) Danced in the rain
(X) Written a letter to Santa Claus
( ) Been kissed under the mistletoe

(X) Watched the sunrise with someone you care about
(X) Blown bubbles
(X) Gone ice-skating
(X) Been skinny dipping outdoors
(X) Gone to the movies

1. Any nicknames? Tante Lynn, Tia Lynn, Callie, Carrie

2. Mother's name? Agnes

3. Favorite drink? Mike’s Hard Lemonade

4. Tattoo? not yet

5. Body Piercings? just the ears

6. How much do you love your job? Don’t currently have one – I’m a full-time student

7. Birthplace? St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

8. Favorite vacation spot? Anywhere warm

9. Ever been to Africa ? not yet

10. Ever eaten cookies for dinner? Yes

11. Ever been on TV? Yes

12. Ever steal any traffic sign? Yes

13. Ever been in a car accident? Yes

14. Drive a 2-door or 4-door vehicle? 4 door

15. Favorite salad dressing? Catalina or Roasted Red Pepper

16. Favorite pie? Apple-Rhubarb

17. Favorite number? Don’t have one

18. Favorite movie? The original Star Wars trilogy

19. Favorite holiday? Anything that gets me out of school for more than a day

20. Favorite dessert? Homemade icecream

21. Favorite food? BBQ chicken the way we do it for our annual “Chickenfest”

22. Favorite day of the week? Any day I have off work

23. Favorite brand of body wash? Dove with aloe and vitamin E

24. Favorite toothpaste? Arm & Hammer

25. Favorite smell? Don’t have a sense of smell, so anything that doesn’t give me a headache

26. What do you do to relax? Read, scrapbook, watch a movie

28. How do you see yourself in 10 years? Only God knows

29. Furthest Place – from where?

30. Who will respond to this first? I don’t require a response, but Lisa might post something

random thoughts about this moment in time.

So, I haven't been on for quite a while and as much as I would like to say that I'll be more consistent, I know that it likely won't happen for a while. We are still without internet access at home, so all my posting is from school. Classes for this school year are officially over. Now comes 3 weeks of writing exams and then I'm planning on taking some spring courses (May and June). I hope to find a job for the summer and we'll see how that goes. My sister will be returning from South Africa tomorrow and we'll go visit her in Toronto as she has a 4 hour layover before she heads to Winnipeg. My life is a bit crazy and insane, but then that isn't unusual. This year there are gonna be some changes as some of my university friends are leaving. It's gonna be wierd not having them around. We have a new face in our home - my second cousin, Tobias is living with us for upto the next 6 months. He is from Paraguay and will be getting to know our family and gaining some experience with different machinery. Anyhow, this is all a bit disjointed, but I thought I'd just get out some of the thoughts swirling about in my head. I'll try and do something again soon, but I am making absolutely no promises.

my Oma's obituary

Surrounded by family, Lydia Janzen went to be with her Lord and Saviour, on Sunday, March 23, 2008. Lydia longed to meet Jesus and now has spent Easter Sunday celebrating and praising Him in heaven. Halleluiah!! She was predeceased by her parents Abram & Maria Isaak, and her beloved husband of 41 years, Paul Janzen. Lydia is survived by 5 daughters and 5 son in laws, Alvina and Wilf Janzen, Agnes and Abe Wiens, Marlene and Jim Le Ber, Ziggy and Harry Duerksen, Lenore and Rudy Klassen. Lydia loved to be involved in her 19 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren’s lives. She leaves behind many friends and family including her 5 sisters and their husbands. Those who knew Lydia will miss her dearly, as she offered love, kindness and peace to those with whom she had contact. Her family will receive condolences on Wednesday, March 26, 2008 from 3-5 and 7-9 at the Tallman Funeral Home 3277 King Street in Vineland. A celebration of Lydia’s life will take place on Thursday, March 27, 2008 11am at Scott Street Mennonite Brethren Church, located at 339 Scott Street in St. Catharines. A private family interment will take place prior to the Celebration Service. Memorial Donations can be made to Camp Crossroads, a centre dedicated to the spiritual growth of children and families.

Power up at Power Lab!!

This was the theme song for the week.

The kids touched, prayed over, and personalized GO Balls that will be delivered to needy children. Plus, children who receive the balls will also receive a guide called "Coaching for Sport…Coaching for Life" translated into their native language.

Why Soccer Balls?

In Africa, sports and games outreach programs draw children by the thousands-children who come to play and then stay to hear about Jesus.

Sports and games outreach programs are active in over 100 countries and on every continent, reaching hundreds of thousands of kids. And at your Power Lab, you'll help!

Here is a link to the Operation Kid-to-Kid project for this year.

The following video shows one of my favourite crafts from the week.


You are all invited to our annual VBS during March Break. This year's theme is a science lab and it looks like it'll be a lot of fun. I will be the "craft lady" again and let me tell you, I think the crafts are great!

I hope to see you there!

the crosswalk

Every once and a while, a seemingly-simple email comes around that ends up being quite profound. This is one of them.

Awesome!! We complain about the cross we bear but don't realize it is preparing us for the dip in the road that God can see and we cannot.

Whatever your cross,whatever your pain,
there will always be sunshine, after the rain....
Perhaps you may stumble, perhaps even fall;
But God's always ready, to answer your call....
He knows every heartache, sees every tear,
a word from His lips, can calm every fear...
Your sorrows may linger, throughout the night,
But suddenly vanish, by dawn's early light...
The Savior is waiting, somewhere above,
to give you His grace, and send you His love.

May God fill your day with blessings!!

Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle!

my christmas letter

This past Christmas was a festive and busy time spent with family and friends. Sabrina (my sister), Briar (my sister-in-law), my Mom and I started out the new year with a relaxing day at one of the spas in Niagara-on-the-Lake. I was also able to do quite a bit of scrapbooking when my Creative Memories consultant hosted her annual “Jumpstart January” weekend. I got a lot of pages done. Sabrina also returned to Winnipeg, MB in January and then traveled to Guatemala with her team (she’s a team leader for CMU’s Outtatown Discipleship School).

February had an academic focus with many assignments due before reading week and many tests and midterms after reading week. We celebrated the 30th birthday of my brother, Wes, in style at “the Barns” (our nursery barns) which had been cleaned and decorated before being filled with friends and family and food. Later in the month, my brother, Gary, and my parents went to Paraguay, South America for a few weeks to visit friends and family.

March brought with it the opportunity to participate in Gateway’s winter VBS. We traveled to the Avalanche Ranch where kids had “a wild ride through God’s word”. The kids had a great time meeting the different creatures who reminded us that: God is real, God is with us, God is strong, God is awesome, and God is in charge. I was really excited that I could bring Kaityn along this year.

In April, my friend, Vittoria, got married. I am so excited and happy for her. It was a beautiful ceremony and a fun reception. The only thing that put a damper on the day for me was the fact that I had to write one of my exams that day.

This spring and summer I took a couple of courses at Brock. Although it made life a little busier, it was all for a good cause because they were necessary to my program. Sabrina also came home for the spring and summer.

This year, as part of one of my courses, I had a placement in the Grade 1/2 class at Col. John Butler School. I absolutely loved every minute of it and hated to see the end of the school year in June. On June 28, we celebrated my nephew’s first birthday! Rowan quite enjoyed the “Thomas” party, but didn’t seem too sure about the icing on his cake. He is such a little boy and curious about everything.

In July we had planned another “girls’ nite” (Briar, Sabrina, Mom and me) and we bought tickets to see “Shakespeare in the Vineyard” (an annual, outdoor event at Henry of Pelham Winery in St. Catharines). This year’s production was “A Winter’s Tale”. We got poured on, so we went to the Keg for coffee and dessert. Despite the uncooperative weather, we had a great time.

This summer I also had the opportunity to tutor some kids. It was a challenge to come up with fun and interesting things to do (lots of Dr. Seuss!), but I really enjoyed it.

September came and Sabrina left for Winnipeg again. Berlin started preschool and Kaityn moved up to Sr. Kindergarten. KidsWay, Gateway’s Sunday School program, also began in September. This year we’ve combined the Sr. Kindergarten and the Grade One classes together so I’ve got a rather large group of energetic kids. My semester at Brock started and I was given a new placement. This year I am helping out with the Rainbow B.R.I.D.G.E. program. This is an alternative education program for kids that are at risk of dropping out. I was really nervous about it because I am used to working with younger kids (these are Grade Eights), but I genuinely love it and look forward to going each week. Berlin, my niece, turned three on September 10 and we celebrated with a “Diego” party. She loves warm and fuzzy things, it doesn’t matter what it is, if it’s warm and fuzzy she loves it.

Harvest time arrived with its whirl of machinery. The grapes came off without any hitches and then began the waiting for the cold weather so that the ice wine grapes could be picked too. To celebrate her 30th birthday, Briar went to visit some good friends in Burundi, Africa. She had an amazing time.

On November 28, Kaityn, my niece, turned five. She had a “Swimming Princess” party (a pool party with a Disney Princesses theme). She loves reading (and is very good at it) and gives great big bear hugs (grrrr!).

The beginning of December has been a bit busy and stressful as I am in the midst of writing exams. But exams will be done soon. Christmas programs at church, family gatherings and getting together with friends will round out the month. In the midst of all the usual hubbub of the holidays, I hope this holiday season has found you with peace and joy. Take the time to reflect on the Reason for this wonderful season. Wishing you a blessed Christmas and hoping that you’ll experience God’s unending love, amazing joy, and perfect peace throughout the coming year.

With much love and many prayers,