time flying by... again

So, I love to read other people's posts, but consistently don't take the time to update my own blog. Shame on me! So, here goes (sorta)...
I can't believe Thanksgiving weekend is already here! It's absolutely crazy how the time goes by so quickly. I have no classes on Thursdays, so I am volunteering on Thursday mornings at a local school in a Grade 1 & 2 class. I have volunteered with this teacher for 2 years already and I think we get along really well and she has been an amazing resource. I also LOVE working with the kids in her class - they keep me sane and give me hope. I often get discouraged in my classes because they are very much theory based. We learn all about how the brain works, how children develop, and what makes them tick, but we never actually see or do anything in real life with real kids. That is one of the most discouraging and disheartening things about university classes. But being able to spend time in a classroom totally re-energizes me.
Anyhow, there is so much more to say, but it's already past midnight and I need to get up early (I'm about as much of a morning person as a bear is during winter-hibernation). So I'll go for now, and hopefully you'll get another update (or at least another post) soon.

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