jesse's "home"!

So, my cousin Jesse is now in Hamilton! He still has feeling in both legs and movement in his left leg. Please continue to pray that the swelling in his spine will disappear and he will regain total use of both legs. Also, please pray that he will stop losing weight.

what a mighty God we serve!

So, this has been an answer to prayer. Some of you may know that my cousin Jesse has been in the hospital for the past few weeks. He has regained feeling in both legs and movement in his left leg! We are waiting for him to be able to come home, but there needs to be a doctor willing to continue treating him and there needs to be a bed in a hospital in a rehab section. So, thanks so much to those of you who have been praying and please continue to pray for Jesse and his family.

update on prayer requests

So, my cousin is still in the hospital (although it's a different one). The current diagnosis is that he has longitudinal myelitis that is related to his Lupus. What is longitudinal myelitis? All I know is that it's a swelling of the spinal cord that may leave a person paralyzed. It's pretty serious. Sorry I can't say more, but that's all I know.

prayer requests

I have a couple prayer requests.

Briar (my sister-in-law) left for Africa this morning for a 10-day trip to see our friends Doug & Deanna Hiebert. So, I guess just for health and safety and that she won't feel so homesick that she won't enjoy the trip.

My family also got news this week that my cousin Jesse Klassen is in the hospital. He's a student at a Bible school in Colorodo. Over the weekend he had mentioned that his feet were tingling and that he was having problems urinating. While he was on a white water rafting trip that progressed to loss of feeling in his legs (although his feet still tingle). He is currently in a hospital in Denver. He was diagnosed with Lupus a few years back and this may be a flare up, but it's not a good thing even if it is a flare up. Those are all the details we know right now, but the more people praying for him and the family, the better.

Talk to you later.