school :S

I usually look forward to the end of August with sense of eager anticipation because I know it means school is starting again. Yes, I know what I just said. I am one of those weird people who actually enjoys going to school... well, usually. This year has been a bit different. I am not looking forward to this school year.

The reason is quite simple, this year I've been told I have to repeat a class for the third time. No, this wasn't my choice and I don't have a choice if I want to graduate from my program because it is a mandatory course and I can't take any 4th year courses until this course is complete. This adds a full year to my university course and I'll have to pay for it... AGAIN! But because the school's decision was so late in the summer, I can't get the necessary police check documents on time so that I can do the placement portion of the class.

Talk about frustration! I won't go into details because I'm still quite angry about what's happened, but here's what I think I'll do. I won't be at the university but will register for the French as a Second Language program at the local college. I have wanted to continue my French education for quite some time and this will be useful when I actually start looking for teaching positions (plus the local college is WAY cheaper than the university).

tackle me

Right now my brother, Gary, is roasting a pig for "ManFest" tonight. Wes (my other brother) is also here to help and he brought his 3 kiddies. As I sit here typing, I can hear them through the window. Gary is getting tackled in turn by each of the kids. This has been going on for about 30 minutes already. All I can hear is Gary grunting as the kids impact and then the kids yelling "my turn". Meanwhile Gary is having a conversation with the guys that are helping with the pig. Too funny!

Some quotes from this event (I'm sure there will be more):
"Berlin, you're not supposed to slow down as you get closer, you're supposed to speed up"
"Oh geez, this is gonna be a big one... OOHH!"

I no eye oop Mommy

I LOVE little kids. They make me laugh. My friends, Jim and Tina, have 2 lovely kids named Ella and Austin. Ella just started JK at an all-French school and seems to be enjoying it. Austin is quite the character. I love him to bits. His speech has been delayed. Now he is getting quite verbal, but he doesn't pronounce most of the first consonants when he talks.

Yesterday at supper he announced "I no i oop Mommy". When Tina told me this I laughed. I thought he was talking about poop (he really doesn't like to go poop on the potty). But no, he was expressing that he didn't like soup. They had been having minestrone soup for supper the past few days and he was tired of it. Oh, what a sweet little boy.