grapes, grapes and more grapes

Look at all the grapes (and the silly faces)!
So, recently my mom took Kaityn & Berlin to pick grapes. As grape growers, it's great to know that the kids LOVE grapes and anything to do with them. These grapes were used to make grape juice for our family. It was a busy day for everyone (I made the juice - There were over 20 jars). The next time we have grape juice I should take a picture of their "grape mustaches". In our family, juice is not the only thing we do with grapes - we freeze them (great snack for the kids), make pies, juice, jelly, wine and ice-wine jelly. Yup, grapes are very versatile - and yummy!

first day of school

so, today is the first day of school (for Brock students). and it's off to a great start :S
our first class was cancelled, but most students didn't know that and the TAs were all there too, so it was just the prof that didn't show. and we didn't know why. i checked my brock e-mail after that class, and sure enough, there was an e-mail stating that the class was cancelled. we'll see how the rest of the day goes. on a different note, it was nice to see some familiar faces on campus. former classmates and friends are all back for another year of classes.
anyhow, just wanted to write something.