2 actual posts in one month - wow!

I'm quite impressed with myself - 2 posts in one month (quite a feat, eh?).

So, our family got together for Thanksgiving on Monday. I helped mom in the kitchen throughout the day and was so happy to be done and off my feet, it didn't even dawn on me that my sister-in-law wasn't taking pictures and I wasn't taking pictures. So, now what am I going to use to scrapbook with? I'll probably cheat and use other photos of family and some fall pics, but I'm kicking myself that I didn't take any at the meal. What kind of scrapbooker forgets to take pictures?

Anyhow, our family has also started a new tradition (which my nieces won't let us forget) - we sing "Praise God from Whom all Blessings Flow" instead of saying grace at mealtimes when we are all together. Both my nieces (ages 5 3/4 and 4) sing along too. It sounds pretty good as we can get 4 part harmony when we are all there. However on Tuesday that was not the case - there was my dad (who sings bass), my nieces, my nephew and me - that's it. I'm not a soprano, but had to sing the melody - quite a foreign concept for me these days. Anyhow, we managed, but it felt weird.

Some one told me to make a list of what I am thankful for so here is a good start:
Mom, Dad, Wes & Briar, Kaityn, Berlin, Rowan, Sabrina, Gary, Oma W, Jim & Tina, Dan, Lee & Marion, Dennis & Mardi, Karen, Nancy, Lisa, Frank & Vittoria, Harry & Jolene, Lory McMullen, Dave & Mikol, Renee... the list can go on for quite a while so I'll stop here before it becomes so extensive that someone will feel insulted if I leave them out. But, well, I hope the point is made, the things I am thankful for are the people that God has put in my life and the relationships I have with them.

Until next time...

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