summer is here!

According to the calendar, summer is officially here. The weather seems to have trouble making up it's mind - we've had quite a few freak storms (thunder & lightning, tornado warnings, hail). However, the weather doesn't dicate the schedule - the spring semester is done, my niece graduated from preschool, my other niece is graduating from SK, the soccer season has started and a good friend of mine has graduated from university. It is amazing to think that this year is half over! The time really seems to fly. Let's see, what else has happened...
*a good friend recently celebrated her Ist wedding anniversary
*my brother & sister-in-law celebrated their 9th anniversary
*a good friend turned 25 and travelled in Europe
*my sister purchased and moved into her very own house
*my parents celebrated their 35th anniversary
*I had another birthday
*the Strawberry festival is happening today in Niagara-on-the-Lake
*my nephew will be turning 2 next weekend
Yup, lots of stuff happening here and it doesn't look like it will slow down any time soon.

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