june is coming...

I can't believe that it is the last day of May. It is completely crazy how the time flies. So, what's going on with me?
Well, yesterday I successfully dropped off my sister at the airport and made it back home. Anyone who knows me, also knows that I am directionally challenged. But I didn't get lost - I didn't even make a wrong turn. I was quite excited.
I am currently taking a spring course at Brock. That has been very busy. It condenses a 12 week semester into 5 weeks. It's crazy, the exam in due in two weeks - the course is more than half done.
So far I haven't been able to find a job. But I've been busy helping around the house. Doing laundry, making dinners, cleaning the house, baking for the family, helping mom in the garden. Yup, life as a domestic diva. Craziness.
Ummm... I gotta go. I know it isn't much, but it is something.
Maybe next month will be better.


Anonymous said...

Hi Carolyn, What kind of work do you seek?

Anonymous said...

Hi Carolyn, Have a nice summer