OK, so shame on me. I am not a very consistent blogger :(

So, I'm finally on summer break from university (what a superb feeling!!) and I have been busy with all the things that life throws at you.

Right now my niece and nephew are over and they are playing outside, my mom is busy baking pies (like she does every Friday), and I'm supposed to be cleaning the house before I go babysitting this afternoon and evening.

Let's see, what else has happened:

* I was in Winnipeg for 4 days this month and had a grand time visiting friends from my past.

* Friends of mine are adopting a beautiful baby boy - Kolbalt Alexander Lawrence Nelson-Zahorchak. He is so cute!!!

* I can't wait for a friend of mine to come back from his trip to Europe. I always love to hear about his adventures.

* ummm... I'm sure there's more, but I can't think of it right now and I have to actually go clean so that I'll be able to leave on time for babysitting.

OK then, see you later.


Lisa said...

Thanks for the update, Carolynn. Good luck with your tutoring plans.

Carolynn said...

thanks lisa!