ramblings for today

k, so i guess it's time to ramble a bit again.

things are going pretty good - usually. right now i'm in between exams so i will be studying some more. yesterday i managed to twist my back in a way that doesn't work well with my body. so that changed my plans for the weekend. i was supposed to be scrapbooking last night and all day today, but that didn't happen. so what did i do instead? i changed the lay out on both of my blogs, prepped a lot of the things i need to make invitations for lauren's shower, watched some movies and even got to writing on my blog. LOL, such a productive day.

so, let's see... what else is going on?

tomorrow is my niece's child dedication. so that's very exciting. mom was busy in the kitchen today so that we'll have more than enough food for lunch tomorrow.

i've been involved in a pioneer girls program this year leading a group of grade 4 girls. the last couple weeks have been fairly intense. we've been working on a "i like me" badge. this is a good thing, but emotionally charged and draining for me as i'm still dealing with self-esteem issues and didn't want our talks to be me talking down to them - so basically i let them know that everyone has things that they don't like about themselves and that hollywood beauty isn't real. i think they totally appreciated that and i'm hoping they'll remember it as they continue to grow up.

in may i'm gonna see "the voca people" at the fallsview casino. ok, you've probably never heard of them. i hadn't until i saw a preview when i saw "band from tv". so, who are "the voca people"? in their own words: "The Voca people are 8 friendly aliens from the planet Voca, a musical planet that has no verbal communication but use vocal expressions only. They have heard the music from earth for decades now and with their imitation abilities they have decided to pay a one evening tribute to humanity and to perform the songs they love as musical- gratitude." sounds a bit weird, but looks and sounds really cool. you can check out their website at http://www.voca-people.com/ or look them up on youtube (here's just one example http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6EYrqIn0yI).

ummm... what else?

we're gonna have a new body living in our house starting on tuesday. one of my cousins from paraguay is coming to live with us for 3 to 6 months. we'll see how this all plays out.

we're also gonna have a few new additions to the family this summer as there will be 2 weddings in august. my cousin james is getting married to kathrin golter in germany on august 14 and my brother gary is getting married to lauren koop in st. catharines on august 28. i'm hoping i'll be able to make it to germany, but i kinda doubt it as my brother has requested that mom makes all the desserts (of course that means i'm involved in both baking and decorating) and their reception will be in our yard. yup, this is shaping up to be a busy summer.

i'm sure there's other things going on too, but nothing that i can think of at the moment... ah well

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