Stitched Together ♥ with love (Quilt # 1)

Take a break away with us! Breakaway is a ladies group that meets Thursday mornings between 9:15-11:00 am from February 10 and until April 7 (we did not meeting March 17th-March break) at Cornerstone Church. There are many different activities to choose from. This year I chose to participate in a group called "Stitched Together ♥ with love" and we're making rag blankets using donated denim and flannel to be distributed by AIDS Niagara. Here are some of the pics for Quilt # 1. You can also check out Quilt # 2 and Quilt # 3 on my blog.

Laying out the top.
Laying out the top.

The top is all laid out.
The bottom is all laid out.

Getting started on the sewing, pinning
and snipping for the first quilt.
We're getting this one ready for a boy
whose life has been touched by AIDS.
Isolde is pinning on the last rows as
Rachel frantically sewing so that
we can display the quilt to the
whole group of ladies.

And lots and lots of sewing!
I think the other end of the
quilt is still coming out of
Rachel's machine while
Isolde is already sewing!!

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