My Car

Recently, I was told that my car "used to look so cool". Yup, one of my fave Grade 6 boys decided my car looked like crap. And it's true, it did need some work. But who knew that my summer would be the summer of car repairs?

My muffler was getting louder, so I got it fixed. When I got my oil changed, I also got the mechanic to see why the "check engine" light came on (they hooked my car up to a scanner thing-y and said it just read that there were fumes, no biggie but should get it checked out if it comes on again soon). I needed new tires, so got those. There was some damage done to the front end during the last ice storm, so got a new front bumper cover (Thanks so much, Uncle Harry!!!).

Then, while I was out to see Cars 2 (see previous post here), one of my brake lines gave out and needed replacing. The "check engine light was on again, so I asked to have it checked again and got the same answer.

Now the "check engine" light has reappeared. So I brought the car in to my mechanic and it was examined. I was told that the gas lines are rotting out on my car, but the costs involved in replacing them would be better spent towards the purchase of a new car.

NOT what I wanted to hear. I guess I'll drive this car until I can't drive it anymore (that was the plan anyhow, but the end may come sooner than I'd hoped). I've got about $3500 saved up towards a new car - it's not enough for a new car, but maybe for a decent down payment on one. I guess I'll just wait to see how long my car keeps me going from point A to point B.

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