so in the course of my blog-hopping, i came across a poem that caused me to think back on the days when friends wasn't just on reruns. anyhow, hope you enjoy it as much as i did.

by Karl Siemens

i dreamed i was on friends last night, and all of them were there
it started at the coffee perk and all i could do was stare
they said they'd sent for me to come and wanted to let me know
just what they thought of life in general, now they'd cancelled the show.

ross just wanted to let me know he loved dear rachael still
but then got mad when she kissed joey and with red his face did fill
course rachael thought it was no big deal, he could go jump in a lake,
cause she remembered when he'd cheated on her, said ross, we were on a break!

i sat with phoebe for a while, and she played me a few tunes
about the darned old smelly cat and his darned old smelly fumes
she said she'd seen her twin lately, acutally the other day
and i quote her conversation here as "um yeah well um ok"

ross's bloody monkey kept trying to hump my leg
i guess he got him back from the zoo and didn't even have to beg
then he ran off into the street, with ross in quick persuit
then gunther brought more coffee there, which tasted like old boot.

ross got mad when gunther tried to talk to rachael there
but joey didn't notice 'cause he saw 2 girls with blonde hair
i pulled him aside and asked if he had something he was rueing
then threw up a little in my mouth when he said "how you doin'?"

luckily i saw that he spoke over my shoulder so rich
and when i turned not a blonde saw i but just a plain old sandwich
chandler said that was not odd, and could i really blame him
and i quote him here, "could he be... any MORE dim?"

the coffee house began to dim and i thought that i was leaving
just then janice showed up and nasally began heaving
ross and rachael were fighting then, and joey, he was eating
phoebe singing, gunther pining, chandler's humour fleeting

it faded out right into black and i woke up soon there after
but i'll never forget my visit to friends and how while we shared our laughter
monica had quitely moved around, arranging the coffee tumblers
and i cried a little for my friends, it made me a little humbler.

ten years was long enough, i guess, to be on tv
and they were tired of sharing their lives, were glad to be leaving
i'll always treasure the time we had amid the coffee perk clutter
and remember not to eat before bed, at least not banana and peanut butter.

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Lisa said...

Who knew Karl was a poet?