margita was here!

So, my friend Margita was here this past long weekend. We met in 2004 when we were volunteers with Servicio Voluntario Menonita in Paraguay. We worked together at the day care. Since May she has been living near Edmonton with her brother so that she can obtain her Canadian citizenship. She flew into Hamilton airport on Thursday afternoon and returned to Edmonton on Monday night. We had a great weekend - we did lots of things, but it was still relaxing.

Friday I had to get the exhaust system on my car replaced, but we sat and chatted the whole time. In the afternoon we got pedicures. I had to go to my friend's wedding (see previous post), but we watched some TV and chatted for a while when I got back.

Saturday we went to the Falls for the day. We did the "tourist thing" for a while. We also stopped off at the smallest church in the world - it is a legal church with a pastor and everything (although they meet somewhere in the Falls on Sunday mornings). We had a picnic along the Niagara Parkway before heading home. In the evening I had invited a few of my german-speaking girl friends over to hang out for a while. I think it went well and Margita really seemed to enjoy it.

Sunday morning we went to church and then drove up to Brock to see the campus. My family was all over for lunch and then we had "mittag schlaf" (afternoon sleep). In the evening we went out for an evening of music and wine - the Niagara Intermation Chamber Music Festival's Brazillian Ball was on in the Loyalist Room at Queen's Landing Hotel.

On Monday we went to the Welland Canal Museum. Then we headed into town - Historic Niagara-on-the-Lake. We walked up and down the streets, went shopping, ate ice cream at Taylor's, and had a great time. We also drove around a while and looked at orchards and vineyards. Later in the afternoon we came home and went swimming before Margita had to finish packing and we had to go to the airport.

I'm so glad that she could come and visit. And I look forward to heading to Edmonton to visit her some time soon.

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