MAY THE 'FOURTH' BE WITH YOU TODAY... May 4th... Star Wars music blaring... yeah, I'm geeky like that... LOVE the original trilogy!!

I ended up re-watching the first three episodes of Star Wars this weekend as I was working on wedding shower invitations. Yeah, still don't really like them. But it was something "mindless" to watch as I got my assembly line going, so whatever.

Situation: I set myself up in the family room because I expected my folks to go out (like they usually do on Sunday nights) and because that's the only room with DVR and I had recorded the episodes earlier in the weekend in anticipation of this night.

Problem: My parents decided not to go out and not to invite company over and that they wanted to watch a movie.

Solution: Because I was already set up and working on invitations I suggested that maybe they could watch a movie in the basement. So I found a movie Dad would enjoy (I think) and set it all up so that they could watch "Catch Me If You Can", which they did.

But when their movie was over, I still had about 45 minutes left of "Revenge of the Sith". So, of course, my movie is still playing when Mom comes in to say goodnight and also to let me know that "all this weird stuff you're watching is really junk". I mean, I know my folks don't like the whole fantasy and sci-fi genres - for goodness sakes, they don't even like Superman. But really, is there something wrong with wanting to escape into a make believe world for a few hours of fun and relaxation?

Doesn't Dad do the same thing when he's watching his westerns and courtroom drama movies? Doesn't Mom do the same thing when she's watching the sappy romances and her sports movies? So, what's the problem - well, the sheer unfeasibility of fantasy/sci-fi. Like I really believe that there are orcs, hobbits, dragons, elves, wookies, ewoks, etc. It's not corrupting my mind, it's just allowing me to escape my reality for a couple of hours.

OK, so now I've had my rant and I can get on with my day...

if only the rain would decide to stay or go, maybe I would know what to do with the sheets - hang them up outside or throw them in the dryer...


Lisa said...

Cory really enjoys fantasy because he doesn't want the "real world" intruding on his relaxation.

There's so many more / different places that you can go when you are not bound to the laws of our universe!

Carolynn said...

I'm right there with Cory!