upcycling some denim

Life around here just doesn't slow down. Now that my folks are back from Paraguay, my mom is on a sewing kick. For a few years, she's been gathering jeans from anybody and everybody who would give them to her. Now those piles of jeans are being cut up into 6" squares (by yours truly ~ thank goodness for rotary cutters!!) and being sewn into quilts (by my mom).

The original plan was to do a bedspread for my nephew. Once that was done, a new plan emerged - a picnic blanket for 3 of my cousins and a "car blanket" for my mom. The plan seems to have been altered again - now it's to do as many as possible using the jeans we've got. And hopefully, it will be warm enough to work in the garden by the time we run out of jeans.

Mom is sewing away and the piles of old jeans that were at our house
are slowly growing smaller. I figure it takes about 10 pairs of jeans
to get the number of squares she needs to make each blanket.
This is the top of one of the finished
blankets. This one is 77"x77".
This is the top of one of the finished
blankets. This one is 66"x77".


Lisa said...

Oooh - this post is sooo motivating. I have a ton of MCC flannel and a ton of denim. I really need to get on a bunch of ragged edges.

Carolynn said...

always glad to be of service, Lisa