Stitched Together ♥ with love (continued at home)

"Upcycling" ~ for "stitched together ♥ with love"

"Stitched Together ♥ with love" was one of the interest groups at Cornerstone's Breakaway - a ladies group that met Thursday mornings between 9:15-11:00 am from February 10 and until April 7 (we did not meeting March 17th-March break) at Cornerstone Church. During that time we were able to complete 3 rag blankets using donated denim and flannel to be distributed by AIDS Niagara.

We enjoyed ourselves so much that we thought we'd continue meeting on Thursdays to work on more quilts. Unfortunately, I won't be able to continue meeting on Thursday mornings, but I thought I'd try to continue on at home. So here goes...

The 6-inch square patches for the quilt top are cut from previously worn clothing or previously used bedding. There's some variety in the types/textures of fabric (the flowered pieces came from 2 flannel pillow cases, the plaid was a flannel shirt, the orange was a corduroy shirt, the outside layer of green was corduroy pants, the blue was a denim dress and the inside layer of green was a canvas skirt). **Note to self: take pictures of the clothing/items used BEFORE cutting them into squares.** The back of the quilt is from a "new-to-me" flat sheet that will be cut up. The final size of this quilt will be approximately 75"x65".

This is the quilt top for a rag blanket I will be making. I'm liking the way the top looks.
I can't wait to finish cutting the bottom so I can see what it'll look like when it's all done.

This is a close up of the fabric I will be using for the backing on this quilt.

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Lisa said...

I really love the phrase "upcycling". I gotta remember to use it!