Jesus Was A Pedophile

A friend of mine sent this to me, and I thought it was quite profound.

Forsaken on the cross, a twisted bloody figure drops his head in exhaustion and pain. First the public beating at the hands of the government. Then the walk of shame through the town to the place of execution. Then being spat upon, finally after being hung on a cross with huge spikes through forearms and feet. The Middle-Eastern sun is brutally hot, even this early in the morning. Flowing blood quickly dries to a sticky crust as it trickles down arms, legs, and face. The rough wood digs into the open flesh on his back, torn open by whips and fists. The soldiers at his feet spend their time controlling the crowd, laughing and joking with each other, and mocking the criminals on public display.

Not only is he being crucified – the most painful and humiliating way to die known to man – his father, his daddy, cannot stand to look at him and what he has become. You see, at this moment, the perfect son of God has become a pedophile, an adulterer, a thief, a whore, and a liar. In taking all the sins of mankind – every sin committed to date, and every sin to come – Jesus Christ BECAME sin. He embodied every single sin, known and unknown, public and secret.

Why did Jesus have to die? For that answer we must dig into the Old Testament of the Bible. According to the spiritual laws of the time, a perfect animal (one with no blemishes or defects) had to be sacrificed to attone for the sins of the one bringing the sacrifice. The “sin offering” as it was called was REQUIRED to be perfect to symbolize the holiness and purity of God. Jesus, when he died, had commited no sins, and was therefore perfect as well. This is the reason he died. And he died willingly so that we have a chance to go to heaven. If not we would be condemned to Hell.

However, even though this is well known to Christians, there are still many issues that come up. We have been saved from an endless horror of pain, guilt, and shame with no chance to “make it better.” We KNOW this (or at least claim to) yet there are so many cases of us acting WORSE then those we call non-christians. The one that I personally have the biggest problem with is judgment. Now before I continue I will admit I am very guilty of this too.

Every single time we look at someone and judge them for what they do (lie, smoke, drink, do drugs, sleep around, whatever) you are casting that same judgment on Jesus Christ himself. When you see a prostitute on the street corner and scorn her for her lifestyle choice, you are scorning Jesus himself. When you look at the washed-out drug addict and feel so much better then him, you are feeling that much better then Jesus. When you look at ANYONE else and think to yourself “I am better then him/her because __________” you are thinking you are better then Jesus. You see, far more then you realize, these people are like you. They have things they enjoy. They hate themselves for the destructive behavior they’re in, but can’t seem to get out of. In fact, I am willing to say with confidence that habits are just habits. They reflect nothing on the PERSON, other then the depth of the pain that they are in.

Jesus said “Whatever you do for the least of these, you do unto me.” Often we use this verse to promote charity and “good works” for the lost. However, The Word is a two-edged sword. If we do good things for the poor, we are doing the right thing. If we scorn them, ostracize them, or ignore them…we are doing the same to the very God we serve.

So was Jesus a Pedophile? For a moment in time yes. Was he a pedophile during his life on earth? NO, absolutely not! So why did I choose that as a title? For one reason, and one only. To grab your attention, suck you into reading this and – hopefully – make you think.

You see, Jesus was controversy. He spoke it parables, saying things that forced people to think outside the norm. I think its sad that we have sanitized Jesus. To paraphrase some author (I don’t remember who) the North American church has done is remove the teeth and claws from a lion and stick him in a cage. Is he still a lion? OF course. Is there any danger? Nope, we’ve taken the danger away…we’ve made him safe…and, in effect, taken away the power as well.


Anonymous said...

But I believe when you said in your title that Jesus was a pedophile you were making a negative comment on Jesus only to reel one into reading what you had to say. I personally have lost soo much faith that I really don't know where to turn or who to pray for. My life isn't what it used to be and now when I need help no one has come by my side to offer a lending hand and when one says GIVE IT TIME JESUS WILL BE THERE FOR YOU. I am in financial debt, I have no money to my name, my life is in a when is Jesus going to help me when I need him? I was accused of a crime that has ruined my life and with that crime that the court has made me a felon I cant get a job to support my family and I don't want to go into the dark side. So where is jesus when I need him because in the future I believe I will turn out to be homeless and with the money that I don't have I see a homeless man and I give him what I don't have because I see myself as a homeless person.

Anonymous said...

this is what cults teach *face palm*