the march madness...

So, March 1 was Mikol's birthday. I'll be nice and won't divulge his age to you. Anyhow, despite the nasty weather, we had a nice time. I went over to his place and gave him his birthday presents and we watched some TV and a movie. It was quiet, subdued and relaxed. This post is in orange in honour of him. Earlier on Thursday, my friend Vittoria came over and we dyed her hair and hung out for a while. I think her hair looks really amazing and she was happy to have it back to something close to her natural colour.
Friday was spent doing homework and reading. Saturday was much of the same until my sister-in-law, Briar called me up to do her hair. That was a nice break. I got so see the kids and also was one of the first to hear some big news (I'm not sure I'm allowed to spread it - so I won't).
Today was very quiet. Earlier in the week I had bruised my tailbone and the way I slept last night re-aggrivated the pain. So I've been flat on my back most of the day. Hopefully I'll sleep flat on my back tonight so that I'll be able to go to classes with a minimal amount of pain. Anyhow, I'm gonna head to bed now. See ya soon.

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