Lyrics By: Tom Loewen
Music By: Derek Elliotson, Leah Duerksen, Chris Kenny
Performed By: Leah Duerksen

Love It’s a many splendored thing Love is king It is patient and kind Leaving no one behind Love is the cure Perfect and pure It always endures Even through pain Love remains and sustains Love acts with urgency In an emergency Love is currency Though you can’t sell it or buy it Love whispers in the quiet And shouts from a mountain Love is the fountain of youth Love is truth So unchanging, it’s prehistoric But always new, love is euphoric Love is the food that nourishes And when it is fed, it flourishes Love is fragile But it can be agile Adapted for every circumstance Because love knows how to dance And when life makes demands Love abandons its plans Makes time for early mornings and last minutes Because love has no limits No conditions Love is our mission Life’s greatest ambition It believes in parity But love is more than charity When loves sees a need It’s the first on the scene Like vaccine Offering healing and help Because love lives beyond itself Love And it’s true, what they say: If you want love You’ve got to give it away

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