the joy dare: day 8

  • a light that caught you: watching the smile creep across Daniel's face as we made eye contact across the foyer at church (that was almost immediately followed by a big hug. I love that kid!!)
  • a reflection that surprised you: today our church started a new sermon series called "13thirteen". Today's focus was on "keeping the faith". One of the analogies Mike, the pastor, used was Jesus as a 'travel agent' vs Jesus as our 'trainer and coach'. Imagine you are trying to get to the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, England. You pretty much have 2 options - you could go as a spectator with the ticket which was purchased by your travel agent and will be sitting in your desk drawer until you need until you need it and it really doesn't change your life at all OR you could go as an athlete/competitor who as earned a spot in the Olympics because you've completely trusted your coach and trainer and done what he says which has completely changed every aspect of your life - from the way you walk to what you eat to when you sleep. Which option is more representative of how you've lived your life of faith? I'd like to say that Jesus is my 'coach and trainer', but I often fall back into my comfort zone and use him as my 'travel agent'. (to see the sermon click here)
  • a shadow that fell lovely: the dark shadows of the clouds that were floating and swirling in front of the almost-full moon

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