the joy dare: day 6

  • one thing in your bag: Dentyne Fire "Spicy Cinnamon" gum. I LOVE cinnamon!! It can probably be traced back the the gum my mom used to carry in her purse - the original Dentyne gum which was cinnamon flavoured. While I do appreciate some of the minty flavours and detest the fruity flavours, I will always have a fondness for cinnamon gum.
  • one thing in your fridge: home-brewed iced tea. There is nothing like our iced tea, it's just the best there is and nothing can compare.
  • one thing in your heart: the joy of baking! Today it was with my mom and nieces and what a busy day we had! We made chocolate chip cookies, bite-sized apple pies, cherry chip mini-cupcakes, ham and cheese buns, apple tarts, meat buns, platz and buns. All of those goodies are headed into the freezer to be pulled out for school lunches.

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