the joy dare: day 15

  • one thing you wore: Oma socks. Labels with her name were put on all of my Oma's clothing when she moved to Tabor Manor (helps the people working in the laundry department). At some point, because her ankles were getting too swollen, she needed some new socks, not her white or gray cotton ankle socks. So, when the socks were replaced my mom brought home several pairs of white and gray socks that were still perfectly good. Over the years, some of the name tags have come off of the socks, but some of them are still there and today I wore a pair of white socks that still have labels that say "Lydia (Isaak) Janzen".
  • one thing you gave away: I'm not sure this would count because so much of the giving is also in the getting, but I gave away some hugs. I don't think there is anything I like more than giving a good hug - well, maybe getting one.
  • one thing you shared: Sushi! I enjoy eating sushi - a lot. It's not something I get to do on a regular basis, but today I went to 'Real Sushi' for lunch with Lee and Marion and their 2 little ones.

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