Lyrics By: Tom Loewen
Music By: Derek Elliotson, Leah Duerksen, Chris Kenny
Performed By: Leah Duerksen

Hope It is more than wishful thinking See: our world is like ship, but it’s sinking The good in us is shrinking Sliding, swirling, skidding Out of control But there is an anchor for the soul Hope sees the world as it should be As it could be Knows nothing is impossible When the power of the gospel Capsizes us Right-sizes us Hope believes that what is right Matters more than what is right now Hope is how We know good will triumph in the end That brighter days are just around the bend And, even when we don’t comprehend Hope is what helps us transcend It seeks to move us Flow through us To improve us Hope gives us eyes to see It is our guarantee Not a pipe dream And hope swims upstream Against the current of despair In our brokenness, it is repair In our darkness, it is glowing Silently knowing That the end will be better That every red letter Spoken will come true When the world is made new There will be no sorrow or strife Because hope looks at life From a different vantage point And hope does not disappoint If we want to reverse this downward slope What we need is hope

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