Lyrics By: Tom Loewen
Music By: Derek Elliotson, Leah Duerksen, Chris Kenny
Performed By: Leah Duerksen

Faith It may seem like a lack of common sense Given the lack of evidence But faith gives strength in the present tense Because faith has confidence In the supernatural Some say faith isn’t factual That it’s all superstition That it’s mindless But faith is vision Not blindness And though faith doesn’t need to see it to believe it It’s more than a feeling It’s a belief that there’s someone on the other side of the ceiling Revealing That God is there Listening to every prayer Faith gives us strength in our grief It is belief, put into action It is a holy passion The soul’s reaction To the Spirit’s revelation A divine orientation Faith doesn’t have all the answers Isn’t a cure for cancer Doesn’t believe in chance Doesn’t depend on our circumstance Faith doesn’t mean there’s never any doubt Faith doesn’t have it all worked out But faith can break through our hardness And when you take a leap in the darkness It’s the light that flashes Faith lifts us from the ashes And when a soul repents Faith is our defense No matter what you come against Faith brings victory Faith is a mystery Like the tiniest seeds Becoming the mightiest trees Faith is our root system Digging deep into ancient wisdom Faith is the fuel for the engine A whole new dimension Of inspiration It is an invitation To life with no safety net But faith is the prerequisite Without works, faith is dead But when you live it, it spreads

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