the joy dare: day 13

3 sounds you hear
  • the wind and rain-turned-to-snow whipping against my window at 4:16am. Although I am wide awake, I am in my flannel pajamas and curled up under some warm blankets listening to the icky weather outside. It makes me very thankful for the roof over my head, the glass in the window panes, my bed and my blankets.
  • my muffler. Ok, you're probably thinking that's a sound I shouldn't be hearing. But when my exhaust pipe detached itself from my catalytic converter, by car got super noisy. My brother, Gary, was able to rig up a temporary 'band aid' which has made my car much less noisy than it was. So yay for brothers!!
  • the rolling pin thumping and rolling across the countertop. That means my mom is making pie! This is not an unusual thing at our house. Most weekends there are at least 3 pies sitting on the counter waiting for Friday/Saturday company and Sunday's family lunch. This has been going on for a number of years and my mom has mastered the art of pie-making. She even makes a gluten-free one for me and I LOVE lemon meringue pie!! Maybe I can convince her to add that to the list. Right now she's preparing pie shells for chocolate cream pies and coconut cream pies that will be a part of the Spaghetti Dinner & Pie Auction happening at Scott Street MB Church on Sunday. She's already made several of the fruit fillings (cherry, peach and grape) and tomorrow my sister is coming to help make the pies. It sounds like there will be chocolate cream pies, coconut cream pies, cherry pies, peach pies, grape pies, harvest pies and apple pies. Mom's even experimenting and creating a tropical fruit pie - yay for being guinea pigs!

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