the joy dare: day 17

  • one gift that made you laugh: the boy that I tutor on Tuesday nights. Last week we played 'Boggle' and one of the words on the list was 'nuts'. I used the other side of that sheet of paper for some math questions today. He turned the paper over and pointed to the word, so I asked "nuts?" and he burst into giggles (like a little school girl).
  • one gift that made you pray: "Thank you for Southern Ontario winter temperatures." We were at 9°C and rain all day while other parts of Canada were hovering around -40°C. While I do like some snow and cold during the winter, -40°C is a little excessive.
  • one gift that made you quiet: my friend, Tarina, told me about the car accident she was in on the weekend. She walked away with minor scrapes and bruises but the car is a complete write off.

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